FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions) About NNU INCOME OPPORTUNITY

Here are some of the questions I've been asked countless times about the NNU.NG'S Income Program, They might be of use to you.

  • Is NNU a ponzi scheme?
No, NNU is owned by a registered company (G Cyber Technologies) in Nigeria.

  • Who's Behind this company?
The CEO of G-Cyber Technologies is Paul Samson, Who is a renowned entrepreneur and business man in Nigeria.

  • What's the entire idea?
Earn money surfing the net, reading News updates, Making Comments and referring others E.T.C.

  • Who Can Join NNU?
Anyone can join NNU

  • How Much Is The Registration Fee?
NNU Income Pack sells for just N1,600 one time fee, meaning you'll never pay again.

  • When And How Will NNU pay me?
NNU pays directly to your bank account every 27th of the month.

  • What's The Minimum payout?
Once your combined balance (NARS earnings + NAP earnings) reach N5,000

  • Do you have any payment Proofs?
See the image Below for some earnings paid by G-Cyber Technologies to NNU Income Program participants for June 2018 payout. Over 130,000 NAIRA earned by a member, N95,000 by others but all earnings are above 50,000 Naira.

  • How can I register?
Click the join NNU button below to learn how to register and enjoy this program.

Your Question is not answered here, then contact us on +2348103171693 or comment below.


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