Understanding the NNU Income new Credit System - Earn online easily

Hello Good day Niper, I believe you're enjoying your NNU income program offer, for me the experience has been funtastic, Full of newer ideas, better innovations and more easier ways to make More Money online DAILY on the NNU income platform with little to no stress.

These past few weeks NNU has gone on series of updates to fix any system bugs and ensure the system keeps running.

Firstly a system issue made NNU to add a whopping N350 daily on login to participants, this was believed to cover most of the Niper's activities.

The recent upgrade fixed this bug in the credit system and introduced a new system that pays to read news, and this meant that commenting wasn't very necessary anymore. Hmmmm, I personally loved this part. N2 just to read not comments which means I can devote 1 hour daily and just read at least 200 news updates which will make me N400 + my N50 daily login and N100 sponsored post I'll be making well over 16K  monthly.... Easy isn't it....

But this would spell doom for the system so the nnu team made some very needed changes, Let's discuss them below.

The New Credit System

NNU introduced a new credit system based on users activeness on the nnu income platform, This system pays you for reading news only, not for comments but It only pays for contents of that day.

See these changes elaborated below;
1. Pays Only For Daily Activities: this makes users to be very active as nnu will only pay you for news updates for that particular day that you read.
E.g: let's assume today is 3rd of August 2018; what I'm saying is that the new system only identifies 3rd August so you'll be paid for 3rd of August posts you read on the website.

Don't worry as NNU updates nothing less than 200 posts daily, there's always enough to earn from.

2. Sponsored posts earnings: This new credit system also affects sponsored posts, as you'll only earn for a sponsored post for that day... Let's say 3rd August sponsored post, I mean once it exceeds 11:59pm 3rd August, it becomes invalid and will earn you nothing.

3. Other systems are normal with more improvements coming In DAILY.

Hope this answered most of your, I'm reading but not earning on nnu, my nars earnings are not adding, how can I easily increase nars earnings on nnu kind of questions??

Drop your comments let's discuss!!


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