How To Get Referrals On NNU income?

Good day Niper, Today I hope to answer a very big question almost all Nipers ask regularly which is "How do I get Referrals on NNU?".

Now most of these Nipers claims convincing people is hard, or lemme test it for myself first, or most times I'm not used to talking to people.

Yes, I agree with all these! And some people seeing I have over 50 referrals in a short while tend to wonder how we run our own things differently.

In this article, I'll drop some of my tips and also offer you a crash course for 3 days via mail, e-books e.t.c. on how you can also get started and become a pro marketer, and the course will go for just N2,000.... Now before you shout out don't forget that NNU won't be your last internet business.
In fact NNU and Wakanda Nation makes me the least money I earn online monthly, and both platforms earns me some cool thousands monthly. 

I earned all these commissions from my marketing skills and of cause by God's help. So I'll be offering this course and I won't be teaching you NNU but something you can apply everywhere and earn steadily.

The course usually goes for 5k, but these are my Niper brothers and sisters so I gotta do the bonanza wella.

So Firstly the few tips I promised;
These tips will cover how to earn a lot from The NNU income program; some of my tricks personally.

Acknowledging the fact that your earnings depends on your input we've gathered some tips and strategies to help you earn more. Some people earn well over 50K MONTHLY while others are battling to reach the N5000 threshold monthly so here's what to do to break that circle.


Instead of stressing yourself excessively with activities, I'll advice you focus on the referral program, everyone who hears it would love to join.

You can make huge success referring by;
A. Word of mouth marketing
B. Running Facebook ads
C. Bulk sms or mobile marketing
D. Whatsapp Group Strategy
E. Social marketing
F. Blogs and Niche Sites like this one
G. Seminars
H. Flyers and Banners

For those who don't like talking to people, try flyers, bulk sms, whatsapp groups.... But wait some of the things I listed will cost you up to N2,000 to start-up (Like the blog, flyers, mini seminars, bulk sms, Facebook ads).

Lemme say this first! Consider NNU as a business, come in with the mindset of investing an extra N2,000 to start earning at least 20K Monthly.

Also, free methods like word of mouth, whatsapp groups, social marketing e.t.c. have been considered to be most effective in referring users.

In the crash course all these will be explained in details!!

The above are some few techniques I apply to get Referrals but let me tell you this.... The difference between the rich and the poor is in sales - Robert kiyosaki.

The course will be focusing on boosting your confidence, teaching you how to attend to customers and these different methods I use for referrals.

Want to take the course?? Everything will be online on whatsapp, Not on whatsapp? Your email will do....

Here's what to do, Make a transfer a deposit to;
Account number: 0043931814
Name: Asingba Samuel
Bank: Diamond bank plc.

After that, call/sms/whatsapp me with payment proof and you'll be added to the team ASAP.

We already have some persons taking this course!!


  1. Bro am still confused about NNU income program their payment system.
    Why is all Nars earning not paid once.


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