NNU Income Program Review: Earn Up To N50,000+ Monthly Online Reading News on NNU.ng

Hello Dear, Good day and welcome to this brief and eye opening review of the NNU INCOME PROGRAM (N.I.P) by NNU.NG

If you're seeing this for the first time or already heard about it then don't worry because we'll answer all your existing questions about this platform whether it's a scam or legit earning opportunity and also help you get in and make money from this.

Today I'll Be Showing You A Great Way To Earn Over ₦50,000 - ₦Unlimited Online Monthly by reading news, making comments, daily login, referrals and more With A One Time ₦1,600 Registration Fee.

Yes you need just N1600 to register, and don't panic yet, Read this review to the end and change my name if you don't go and borrow this N1,600 if you don't have it... Lol.

NNU Income Pack review


I know that by simply seeing this tittle a lot of users are here with so much doubts and negativity while a few are excited over the entire ideology.

You've been reading and making comments on Linda ikejis blog, Punch newspaper, BNL newspaper, Daily Post Newspaper and gets nothing for your efforts, Also on Nairaland forum and gets nothing for your efforts.
Well I'm going To introduce you to a company that pays you for what you're already doing on these sites.

For the records; NNU is over 1 year now with over 20 Million Naira paid out to members and hundreds and thousands of new members register on NNU daily.

NNU does not pay you billions one-time but if you have only one source of income then your life is in chains. If you have ₦1,600, then lemme show you how to turn it to an extra ₦50k or more Monthly. Wait did I just say if you have? See, Go and borrow if you don't have it... It'll change your life.

NNU.NG is a news website/blog that pays you for doing what you usually do without getting paid elsewhere​.

NNU means Nigerian News Updates. G-Cyber Technologies (A registered tech company in Nigeria) which runs coolnaira and eboss foundation in partnership with NNU has launched a Program know as NIP (NNU Income Program) where it's users will make money online by reading news, making comments, daily logging in, Posting news and more.


This site I'll show you Will make you money by just;

1. Reading News & Making comments 
NNU pays ₦2 per comment on their site.

2. Logging In Daily
On NNU You'll Earn ₦50 daily for just logging into your NNU account. This Alone will make you ₦1,500 monthly (i.e: ₦50*30Days)

3. Sharing Sponsored Updates On Facebook timeline
NNU users also Earns ₦100 or more by simply sharing an assigned sponsored​ post on Facebook. NNU assigns a sponsored post to members in their dashboard to share on their Facebook timeline, you earn 100 Naira daily on assigned post you share as recommended.

4. Referring Friends
Earn ₦1000 for referring your friends to this Program.

5. Posting Forum Topics
Instead of posting forum topics for free elsewhere, Post it on NNU and earn 100 Naira or more per post.

The list is endless, All for a one-time Investment of ₦1,600. If you don't have ₦1,600 I urge you to go and borrow it, except you're among the lazy Nigerian youths Buhari talked about.


Let's say you login Daily and earn N50 Daily, You connect Your Facebook and shares the daily sponsored post on your timeline​ and earn another N100 daily. That's 150Naira daily already. Let's say you make just 100 comments daily which earns you N200. That's 350 Naira daily. (Which is over 10K monthly).

This is on the least possible scenario because people make Up to 500 comments daily and earn Up to 1000 Naira or more from comments, daily login and sponsored posts only.

Now let's assume you can only refer 1person per week, that's an extra 4k - 5K.. Well that's what people make daily.

You have earned yourself an extra 14,000 - 15,000 Naira Monthly. And this is the lazy man calculation.

 So you can imagine earning an extra 50K to 100k or more monthly aside your salary and other sources of income just by devoting 1 hour daily.


For the sake of some doubting Thomas's I got some cool alert screenshots from NNU Income to NIPers (NNU Income Program member) that will burst your brains.... You can only shout "Ahh!! For just N1,600?".

Best part is they're June 2018 alerts, make you no come say I dey tell you about past glory.

See Below; and also study the alerts incase you have trust issues *Lol, 😃... You can see that its all coming from G-Cyber Technologies for NNU Income.

N154,000 from NNU 

131K, 95K, over 50K alerts From NNU.

An you're still looking? Are you still doubting? I guess not because more alerts dey oh.


You can easily Join NNU by clicking the join NNU link below.

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