How To Add/Change/Remove Profile Picture On NNU Income Website (NNU.NG)

Hello, NIPers!
In today's article I'd like to briefly show you, especially for newbies newly recruited to the NNU Income Program, How to change your profile picture on NNU.NG.

This tutorial will be brief and eye opening, also if you don't understand your NNU dashboard yet, then don't worry, We will help you.

So lets get started with this simple 4 step tutorial.


Step 1
Login to your NNU account by visiting NNU.NG or Just CLICK HERE

If you're at the homepage, I.e. NNU.NG, then on the top of the site you'll see a menu like this;

Simply click on "my account" and the login page will open up.

If you clicked the link we provided then you'll see a form like this;

Fill it and Hit the Login button/Link.
It'll load your dashboard next.

Step 2
After your dashboard opens, Quickly click on profile, it looks like this;

Once you click on profile, a pop up of this nature will show up;
Quickly click on "Edit Account"

Step 3
The next page that loads contain your personal details but that's not our purpose for this article so scroll past them till you see the Change Avatar section, It looks like this;

Step 4
Change, add or remove the avatar (Profile picture) and click on "Save Changes" button/Link as seen on the screenshot and that's all.

Return to your Dashboard and Enjoy your NNU experience.

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