Fantastic stats and facts about NNU income Program

NNU Income Program is over 1 year In business now, changing lives and alleviating poverty for a whole year. In this article I'll point out some shocking statistics and Facts about NNU that will keep you at a state of wonder.

I'll divide this article into 2; Firstly the Statistics and Secondly the Facts, and believe me it's going to be Funtastic.

NNU Income Program started since July 2017, A lot of us were skeptical at first but I've come to trust this program after a whole year in business and some cool thousands paid out to me.

NNU is so cool that if you're looking for money to start a business or just another source of income without investing much, then I'd advise you join NNU.

Imagine June 2018; someone earned 154,000 Naira from NNU, another user earned a massive N131,000 and they joined this program with N1,600 only one-time fee. Yes oh! You heard me right.

Not to take too long on this, lets run fast, so like I said it's divided into two sections;


1. NNU in it's first year alone paid out over 20Million Naira to NIPers (NNU Income Program members), In fact over 7 Million Naira was paid out in June 2018.

2. NNU has over 50,000 members and 20,000 active members, with over 1,000 people Joining on a daily basis.

3. NNU pays out over 500 eligible NIPers every month.

4. The NNU website, NNU.NG has over 120,000 articles/news contents uploaded so you cannot be out of contents to comment on.

5. NNU also has over 100 Top Active affiliates and Over 10 Top Distributors.

6. NNU currently receives over 300,000 Page views on it's website NNU.NG daily. So if you're looking for a good website to advertise then logon to their website and make enquiries.

NNU improves it's website and add new contents daily.
Let's Jump quickly to the second part of this article;


1. NNU is not a ponzi scheme, it's owned by G-Cyber Technologies which is a duly registered and authorized I.T company in Nigeria.

2. Paul Samson is the CEO of NNU.

3. NNU started as a news aggregator website in 2017.

4. is a new domain, Nnu started with in 2017.

5. NNU's first payout ever was done on August 2017.

6. NNU is the first read news and get paid website in Nigeria.
Wakanda nation forum that was just launched makes second place.

7. NNU started with 35 Naira daily login, 50 Naira sponsored post and 1 Naira per comment.

8. NNU pays out users on the 27th of every month.

9. NNU started with N1,100 REGISTRATION fee and N500 affiliates reward before upgrading to N1,600 REGISTRATION fee and N1,000 per referral for affiliates.

These are just to mention a few! Don't miss this NNU opportunity which is waiting for your eyes to open and change your life.

To join NNU Income, please Read Full NNU INCOME PROGRAM REVIEW HERE for more details, how it works, and registration process.

Having any problems or questions regarding NNU, kindly use the comment session Below or contact me (call/sms/whatsapp) on 08103171693.

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